Remember your true nature
and live a joyful life in freedom, from the heart!

Mundo Armonía is a project created by Jose Antonio Manchado in order to bring
the value of peace and happiness to the world and all beings without any exception.

Jose Antonio Manchado

Since the year 1998 Jose has been in constant practice and learning from several Teachers (Tibetan Buddhist, Zen Monks and Lamas) in the fields of meditation, healing, sound therapy, Tibetan energy and vibrational therapies. In 2001 he got initiated to Vajrayana Buddhism (taking Tibetan Buddhist refuge) with the name of Karma Dorje Jikme.

Mundo Armonía

Mundo Armonia is a project started in 2011 by Jose Antonio Manchado to share wisdom and practices to connect with the heart and to enjoy a life in freedom.

Tibetan Energetic Healing

This powerful energy system of Rigpa Energetic Healing was created by Tibetan monks thousands of years ago, and was only passed on and taught amongst them. These conscious practices remained sealed and secret until approximately 25 years ago when they were started to be gradually shared with the world.

These tools interact directly with the vibrations of the Being, working as well with the universal and earth energy. It is the path of vibrational healing. It allows the vibrational frequency of the individual to increase on the physical, mental, and energetic level.